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Through unique and unforgettable experiences, Vanessa Cerrone Stylish Wedding commits to meet the client’s expectations by keeping high quality standards.

Different solutions for each request. For further information or to request a quote, please get in touch via email and I will be glad to help you.

Vanessa Cerrone wedding planner in Roma
Vanessa Cerrone wedding planner in Italia

Marriage counseling

This service is designed for couples who would like to organise the wedding themselves but still need some preliminary advice about how to pick the right suppliers and location, which steps to follow to find the perfect setting for the ceremony, and how to come up with a plan for the event. The first consultation can take place over Skype or in person, and I will provide you with the relevant guidelines.

Vanessa_Cerrone wedding planner organizzazione matrimoni a Roma

Full Wedding planning

This service is designed for couples who would like a tailor-made service, a personalised project, while having an expert to help and follow their plans through from the initial idea to the wedding day.

  • Initial consultation over Skype
  • Drafting of budget
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Research to find the ideal location for the ceremony and reception
  • Selection of the relevant suppliers (photographer, videographer, décor, designer, beauty services, etc.)
  • Handling contracts and payments with the suppliers involved
  • Research and selection of any personalised services
  • Concierge Services: support on how to book services such as transfers for the day of the event, accommodation for the couple and Spa.
  • Development of projects involving setting-up and décor
  • Layout of the ceremony and suggestions on the contents
  • Managing the logistics for the reception
  • Coordination during the wedding day

Platinum wedding planning

Luxury — it’s in the detail!
This service is designed for couples looking for excellence.
My clients are my inspiration, with their stories and their traditions.
Our commitment has made us the leaders in providing high quality services, and we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.
A reliable team of experts is available to collaborate and assist you with any requests.
Design, planning, implementation and consultancy always available, as well as comprehensive coordination:

  • Introductory meeting
  • Drafting of budget
  • Scheduled meetings
  • Research to find the ideal location for the ceremony and the reception
  • Selection of the relevant suppliers
  • Handling contracts and payments with the suppliers
  • 1 Manager for the event: hotel booking, transfer, invitations, re-call, organising rehearsal dinner or brunch, guided tours
  • Concierge Services to book and coordinate exclusive services such as hot air balloon tours, helicopter rental, sailboat journeys, personal stylist, personal look maker, personal shopper, personal assistant, Spa, renting private villas.
  • Research of services ready to use/last minute requests
  • Development of projects involving setting-up and décor
  • Planning of the travel itinerary for the wedding
  • Rehearsal
  • Coordination during the wedding day

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel


Eloping to Italy

This service is perfect for couples who dream of a romantic gateway.
We will take care of your special day from start to finish — from planning your package to coordination.
Italy is definitely the perfect place! Our beautiful and varied landscapes, which vary region by region, guarantee a wonderful stay. If you love art, then cities like Rome and Florence are the perfect setting to make your dreams come true. If you would like to say ‘Yes’ surrounded by blue sea and romantic sunsets, the Amalfi Coast and the enchanting views of Capri are the destinations par excellence. If you would like to stay a bit longer and enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon, some of the best places are Toscana, with its vineyards and green hills, Umbria with its medieval villages, or Lake Trasimeno. There is plenty of choice, we can personalise every aspect of your romantic getaway.

Our basic package is ideal for couples who are looking for a romantic getaway in Italy, either on their own or with a small number of guests (around 10 people).
The basic “Romantic Getaway” package includes: wedding planner services, celebrant or officiant, finding the location for the ceremony, finding the accommodation, photography, bouquet & button holes, translator or interpreter, witnesses, creative ideas to personalise the ceremony. Prices from € 3.800 (for two people).
The package includes the basic services, but we can also personalise it, and tailor the package for you. For any requests, please send me an email or complete the contact form.



Coming into contact with different cultures and traditions —beautiful, fascinating and inspiring. Follow your heart!

Catholic Ceremonies

There is no need to remind you of the art and history of all the wonderful churches that Italy has to offer. If you choose a Catholic ceremony, you will need to provide a certification of the sacraments administered in your diocese. The documentation needs to be provided 6 months before the wedding date. In case of previous marriage followed by a divorce, you will need to provide the marriage annulment. Any documents relevant to the religious ceremony should be provided to the Curia at least 2 months before the wedding.
Catholic marriages in Italy may be legally binding.
You may be asked to perform a civil ceremony before going to Italy. Inter-faith marriages are allowed only upon approval of the Bishop.
Ceremonies can be performed in English or Italian (with an interpreter).
Brides should follow a dress code, we will look into this together.

Civil Ceremonies

Foreign couples may also have an authentic wedding with a legally recognised civil ceremony. In addition to municipalities and community halls, there are no end of amazing places that have been approved by local authorities for legally recognised ceremonies to take place. Charming villas, medieval castles, historic palaces and panoramic terraces are waiting for you in every corner of the country. Upon request we can provide advice on the procedures to follow, and we can also personalise the location that you have chosen for your ceremony.

Jewish Ceremonies

The Jewish faith and traditions have a long-established tradition in Italy.
Orthodox synagogues can be found in a number of major cities — Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Trieste all have large Jewish communities of historical importance.
Foreign couples should request that their rabbi prepares the relevant documents to provide to the Italian rabbi. Any details on the procedure should be discussed directly with the Italian rabbi.
Jewish weddings can take place in a synagogue or in one of the many amazing Italian locations available, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, secret gardens, villas, castles, historic palaces, etc.
For most of these locations, we can also provide a kosher menu for your wedding.
Do not hesitate to get in touch; we will find the perfect setting for your Jewish celebration.

Hindu Ceremonies

In Italy, there are plenty of elegant and prestigious settings available to rent for stays longer than a few days: ancient castles, elegant villas with large spaces and gardens where you can set up your wedding mandap, prepared for you by our expert floral designers.
A wedding is the most important ceremony in Hindu culture. Wedding ceremonies vary depending on the local traditions of every different part of India. They follow ancient rituals and a wedding could last three or more days.

Protestant Ceremonies

Protestant churches can be found in cities such as Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and Milan, but the beauty of a protestant ceremony is that it can be performed anywhere in our beautiful country. The backdrop could be an elegant villa, a castle, a private chapel or an outdoor space.
Since a protestant wedding is a religious ceremony only, it has no legal validity. As a result, a civil ceremony should precede the protestant rites. The ceremony can be personalised, from the readings to the music and the wedding vows. Please send us a request and we will be happy to help.

Symbolic Ceremonies

Symbolic ceremonies are the perfect choice for couples who don’t want to deal with bureaucracy and paperwork, or who are already legally married. The ceremony has no legal validity. There are no restrictions on this type of ceremony, so the couple can personalise their vows as they like. The symbolic ceremony and the renewal of vows are the most relaxing experiences.

Civil Unions

Law 20 May 2016, n. 76 has entered into force on: 05/06/2016
Regulation on the civil unions for same-sex couples and cohabitation. (16G00082) (Official Gazette of the Italian Republic General Series n. 118 21-5-2016)
The parties shall have the same rights and duties, with the mutual obligation to moral and material assistance and with regards to cohabitation. The parties shall contribute to the common needs, based on the relevant means, work capacity both professionally and for the household.

    Requirements to apply:
  • Same-sex couples who have reached the age of majority can apply
  • There is no need to be resident in the same city
  • Foreign citizens should provide the clearance for the civil union by the competent authority of the relevant country. After that, the declaration should be certified by the Prefecture, and it needs to be filled out with all the details of the relevant persons.

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