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My motto: Organising excellence is an art!

We are such stuff as dreams are made on.
William Shakespeare

I am proud of the path I have taken, of the opportunities and experiences that I have had and the choices I have made; it has been a very colourful journey through the eclectic and varied world of event organisation.

From the very beginning, I have been lucky to meet a number of extraordinary professionals within this industry. I owe a lot to them, because they helped me learn the processes and secrets of my trade. My extensive and formative experiences in banqueting have proved essential to understanding the dynamics and priorities behind each event.

Two decades’ experience and more than 500 events—the ultimate guarantee for my clients..

Deeply in love with art, beauty, culture and elegance, I work together with my clients to realise unique events!

Vanessa Cerrone stylish wedding & event designer


University Studies. During my time at university, I was passionate about philosophy, archaeology and anthropology, and I loved learning about our origins and the theories put forward by the greatest intellectuals of all time.
I never would have thought that my path would bring me where I am now.


Event planning. A special contact gave me the opportunity to collaborate with institutional bodies, to take part in a number of excellent learning experiences both in Italy and abroad, and to experiment and test myself in the field of event organisation. These fantastic opportunities that I had—up until the end of the 90s—allowed me to perfect my organisational and interpersonal skills, and in the years since they have become the key ingredients of my job. In fact, I have since gone in a number of new directions: I have worked in banqueting first, then as an event planner at the Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano and in many other prestigious venues around Rome.


Eventi in Stile di Vanessa Cerrone.  In 2006, after deepening my knowledge of the art of reception, “refining my palate” and improving my problem solving skills, I founded “Eventi In Stile di Vanessa Cerrone”— the fruit of my experiences across all areas of event organisation that I have explored.
This brand has been very rewarding for me. It is deeply rooted in the area for any services regarding events, from wedding & event planning, to consultancy for business and training.


Destination Weddings. I am always on the move, constantly looking for new experiences to enrich my personal background. One day, a friend and colleague introduced me to the fascinating world of the destination weddings. Italy is an extremely popular destination for couples from other countries, who are drawn in by our beautiful country and its culture, art, stunning landscapes, sublime culinary tradition and exceptional hospitality. In this eclectic and ever changing profession, remaining up-to-date is key, with each opportunity representing a chance to learn something new, to perfect and refine existing skills and to always look for new ways to provide an excellent service.


New Look. Today, Vanessa Cerrone stylish wedding & event designer
Italy – Rome, Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi Coast.

High quality services and innovative products for up-to-date and tailor made events.
Projects Made in Italy: research, design, planning and execution.
Vanessa Cerrone stylish wedding & event designer is a ready-made solution for anything you need for planning and managing your event.