Event Space Consultant

Vanessa Cerrone / Event Space Consultant

Event Space Consultant

The desire to transfer my skills came up after a lot of experience on the field as a banqueting manager, event manager and event space consultant.
An increasing number of companies, professionals and private individuals are deciding to invest in event planning.

It’s a wide and multi-faceted industry, though many tend to undervalue the responsibility and role that the location, the manager and the event planner play from the moment they accept responsibility fot an event, whether it’s for business, consumers or private purposes. It requires professionalism and expertise.

Who can benefit from each project: owners or managers of locations who want to enhance their spaces to host events, hone their skills or acquire new ones to train their team of collaborators.

• We listen to the clients’ needs, we set clear business targets, we tailor a training course for each level of the organisation, from managers to operations teams.
• If a client decides to put their faith in us, they become centre stage — we aim to provide them with tools and information which are practical, accessible and useful for growing the company.
• Thanks to our professionals and entrepreneurs, all of whom are well established in their relevant fields of expertise (experts in marketing and communication, food and beverage, bon ton; banqueting managers, event planners and lawyers), we can guarantee both the success of our training courses and customer satisfaction.

Start-ups and revitalising a venue (tailor-made training)

Your Event Space Consultant in Italy

• Managing a location and need a project to revitalise it?
• Would you like to host and organise events at your location?
• Do you need to build a team of valuable collaborators?

Our training methodology starts with a first step of theoretical meetings followed by a period of training that aims to obtain the best level of efficacy and effectiveness. The methodology and duration of the programmes are defined ad hoc, based on the specific requirements and after detailed analysis.

Workshops & Seminars

In-depth analysis of specific topics, depending on the needs of each location, the target, its ranking in the market, its mission and the number of collaborators

• These are experiences where new ideas about bon ton, food, fashion can circulate freely.
• Why workshops and seminars? #farcircolarenuoveidee #unlavorointeam
• Our aim is to bring and share new ideas, hone skills and acquire new ones, to work as a team, to look to the future…

Subject Areas

Etiquette and table manners: from the traditional to modern trends
Cool hunter and trend hunter: passion for lifestyle in terms of art, food, taste, fashion to…spot, identify and research styles and trends
Event designer: from site inspection to the actual project
Events: professions, role definition, skills
The art of reception: Bon Ton and Etiquette
Menu: how to meet the client’s requirements
Green and sustainable events: is it possible to organise them? How?
And much more…
Commit to reach new targets!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”
– Walt Disney