blog N° A 3 – Rubrica Green …some thoughts!!!

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blog N° A 3 – Rubrica Green …some thoughts!!!

Vegan Experience:  a challenging to be a Vegan B♥ride!! ¡¡

We can organize:

vegan wedding

vegan wedding weekend

vegan party

green honeymoon ♥

…host’s first priority is always the comfort of their guests.

A wedding celebration in honor of the bride and groom does NOT exempt them from their responsibilities as hosts as long as there are invited guests…

but it’s possible 

√…Make Food the priority. Obviously¡¡…

If your guest list is mostly vegetarians, vegans or vegan friendly people, you’re in luck!!!!!!!

” But if your guest list is like mine, you’re inviting a significant amount of people who don’t consider a meal to be a meal if it doesn’t contain a dead fish or animal, then food should probably be a pretty big priority”

√…Food stations allows for multiple main course and side choices which helps minimize potential hungry meat eater guest issues.

It’s also a great way of educating non-vegans on how wonderful vegan food.

 Choose the right caterer! ¡¡¡ Choose a good chef! ¡¡¡

Nel qual caso nei contenuti ci fossero testi ritenuti inappropriati o immagini di persone ritenute inadeguate, da coloro che sono direttamente interessate, v’invitiamo a contattarci tempestivamente per la rimozione o la sostituzione.